Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Ta dah! The Clean Sewing Room!

Ok, brace yourselves! The following pictures are disgraceful.......................... Donna Balfanz--don't look!

See I warned you! This is or WAS my messy, awful sewing room. So I decided that for 2009 I was going to get back on track and get re-organized! Beware--still a few more messy photos to follow......

Ok, now you can look! Ta Dah! See it's all cleaned up and nice and neat and I can think and work and find stuff!

I skirted the tables--something Donna talked me into a few years ago and now the tables have their skirts back. All I did was rip my fabric to the right size and hot glued it to the under edge of the table. Then if I need to remove the skirt for some odd reason I just peel it off and then it can re-glued when I'm ready.

I decided to add a row of lace to the top of the skirts, which doesn't show up here too well, but is very pretty in person.

My hutch, which still needs a bit of organizing and don't even ask about the insides of the drawers. However I will be organizing those too--but a little later.

I told the dear husband that I need something to fill this little corner that was wasted space and this is what he came up with--clever man! He had the pegboard in the garage just sitting, so he added a piece of wood to extend the table--which will get covered as soon as I find my wallpaper. Then he added the little wire baskets,which I am working on filling up. Yes, he is an amazing man and quite handy!

Mae in her new corner. Her skirt is part of a bridal veil that I trimmed down the fullness of and decided to make this piece her new skirt!

This corner had a big, ugly green couch sitting in it that we moved into a small room around the corner. I plan to add a couple of easy type chairs for sitting and sewing.

The biggest thing I did to help with my clean up this time was to purchase some storage totes and get rid of the old cardboard boxes I had, which not only looks nicer--even if they are hidden under the skirts--but the hold more than the boxes did.

The next big help was adding the skirting, so you can't see the ugly storage area under the tables.

Ah! I feel so much better!